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Built by a 3-time United States Lipper Award winning team, iQUANT investment models are born of a passion of providing turn-key and rules-based investment models to Investment Professionals that are sick of the lackluster returns and the high costs of 3rd party money managers.

Our institutional-quality models range from Strategic and Style Box to Sector and Hedge. We provide models that select individual stocks as well as models that select ETFs for those Advisors that pay ticket charges. Every month we provide the most current selections for each model - all you have to do is load these selections into your re-balancing tool and you can manage your portfolios in less than an hour a month (or quarter).

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I didn’t have the time to do the research necessary to make the proper investment decisions. Now, iQUANT does that for me.
I joined after being burned by bad performance from third party managers and their big fees.