Frequently Asked Questions


Keep it simple! promotes a “Keep it Simple” investment approach by providing turn-key investment models to Investment Professionals.  On a monthly basis, you will receive emails (and website updates) that will instruct you on what to buy, sell and hold.

Although our Models select their holdings on an equal-weight basis, it would be unreasonable to believe we can maintain a perfect equal weighting every time we re-balance our portfolios. Our Models are meant to be guides and don’t require such strict adherence.

Ideally, you will take the most current model selections and populate them into your portfolio re-balancing tool on a monthly (or seasonal quarter) basis - depending on the model(s).

If you are able, we recommend utilizing a Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP) algorithm when re-balancing. This is not a requirement however.

WHAT DO I GET WITH A SUBSCRIPTION? will not bombard you with the trivial. We understand the value of time, so we only send relevant information.

With an subscription, you get the following (via email and the Members Page):

Each Monday you will receive a Weekly Performance Report that summarizes the performance of each model and each model’s holdings.

Each month you will receive a report outlining each models’ current holdings. This is sent prior to the Open of the 1st trading day of each month to give you time to update your re-balancing tool.

Also monthly, we send a Monthly Newsletter that summarizes the investment markets for the prior month.

To help you build efficient portfolios of investment models as well as various asset classes and style boxes, we offer the very robust Portfolio Optimizer.


It’s easy to subscribe to

Simply click the “Login / Sign Up” button on the top right corner. Choose “Sign Up Here” and enter the applicable information. Once you’ve entered the applicable information, click the “Create my Account” button and select between three plans…monthly payment, quarterly payment or annual payment.

If you’d like to test-drive the site prior to making a commitment, we encourage you to try our 30-day free trial.