iQ Domestic Income Model


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The iQ Domestic Income Model  seeks to provide current monthly income with capital appreciation as a secondary objective.


The iQ Domestic Income Model selects Closed-End and Exchange Traded funds from the following Thomson Financial universe:

  • Alternative Income

  • Municipal Debt

  • Convertible Securities

  • Investment Grade Debt

  • Flexible Income

  • U.S. Government

  • Loan Participation

  • U.S. Mortgage

  • High Yield Debt


  1. Begin with every domestically-traded closed-end and exchange-traded domestic income fund (including funds that own Treasury Inflation Protection bonds).

  2. Rank by trading volume and keep the top 100.

  3. Rank the remaining 100 funds by 6-month exponential price momentum and keep the top 40.

  4. Rank the remaining 40 funds by 24-month Relative Strength Index (RSI) and select the top 10.

  5. Rank the remaining 10 funds by dividend yield and keep the top 5

  6. Re-balance every 3 months.