All Cap High Yield Model

7.50% Current Yield



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A serious Yield for Income Investors…

When investors think of dividends, they tend to think of big, established companies. But you might be surprised to learn that a hefty number of small-company stocks offer enticing dividends, which not only add to an investor’s total return but serve as a shield against volatility. As of the end of 2016, roughly one-third of nearly 4,200 small-capitalization stocks—defined as those with market values of $5 million to $2 billion—paid dividends.

The All-Cap High Yield Model represents an equal-weighted portfolio of small, mid, and large-cap stocks that pay an average yield that more than doubles that of the ten-year Treasury bond.


  1. Start with the largest 1,500 domestically-traded companies

  2. Select the 150 companies with the highest current dividend yield.

  3. Screen by plow-back ratio, share buyback and dividend yield and select the top 50

  4. Screen by exponential price momentum and select the top 10.

    The iQ All Cap High Yield Model re-constitutes every 3 months (May, August, November and February) - trading is very manageable.

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